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  1. You should advertise that breakfast is served from 7 till 11? And also give an idea of breakfast menus

    • Dear Mr. Vidal,   Thank you for your below message. The breakfast is served from Monday till Friday, from 7:00 am till 10:00 am. The breakfast offer consists of both warm and cold buffet including egg dishes and sausage. We also offer hot beverages, home made pastry, desserts etc. We plan to update the information about our offer on our restaurant web page, soon.   Best regards,   Petra Kubíčková, Restaurant Manager

  2. Dear All, Please if is possible to cook with less oil would be wonderful. I understand that it is winter and eat more fat but to see two fingers oil on the plate did not look good , and not healthy. Each works a lot and needs more healthy food. Thank you, Best regards, Diana

    • Dear Diana, thank your for your notice. We are trying to cook the same way all the year and watching carafully reacitons from our customers. Traditional czech meals which forms a half of daily offer are prepared on roasted onion basis. International meals basis on olive oil, but we definitely try not to wasting it. I ask our chef and cooks to thoroughly check if customer wants more butter topping or not. We hope you will enjoy your lunch more afterwards. Best regards, Petra Kubíčková Restaurant manager


We accept credit cards

Dear customers,
On the cases 2, 3,4 and in the café we accept credit cards.

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Breakfast (Mo-Fr)7:30 – 10:00
Lunch (Mo-Fr)11:00 – 14:00


Draft beer for lunch


Draft beer for lunch every day

Birell 0,3l for 25 CZK
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