Why will you no longer see meal samples?

In restaurant eat by sodexo without samples

sodexoa4_final_aj-jpg_28-03-2019_11-56-01.jpg Do you know that Sodexo has committed to cut the food waste and became one of the worldwide leaders in this field? Do you know that we have The Better Tomorrow Plan and as part of that, we use Waste Watch method for measuring our food waste? Our target is food waste reduction. That is why you will not see the meal samples anymore. Thank you for helping us to achieve our collective target = cut food waste.



We accept credit cards

Dear customers,
On the cases 2, 3,4 and in the café we accept credit cards.

Customer line

Please use the Communication Book and tell us your opinion.

Contact and Opening hours

Restaurant manager

Venuše Komárková

P: 222533919
E: provoz.siemens.praha.fms.cz@sodexo.com

Opening hours

Breakfast (Mo-Fr)7:30 – 10:00
Lunch (Mo-Fr)11:00 – 14:00


Draft beer for lunch


Draft beer for lunch every day

Birell 0,3l for 25 CZK
Pilsen 0,3l for 30 CZK